A Serial Bomber is a type of serial killer whose modus operandi is reminiscent of terrorism. The pathology of this type of criminal varies, as no two bombers have the exact same motivation. Regardless, they share one common trait; to take out as many people as possible at once.

Pathology Edit

While it can be agreed that bombers are indeed sadistic, there remains no common for their crimes. They can be motivated by any number of "causes"; religious, sadistic, political, or even moral code (pro-life bombers, for example).

Suspect Behavior Edit

  • William Meeks ("Here is the Fire") - Planned to kill his three sons with bombs, believing he was "saving" them. Bombed locations that his sons would be present at, so then numerous others would also die and place him out of suspicion. Only successfully murdered one of his sons, who was killed along with hundreds of others in a school bombing. The other two were saved by the Red Cell team.