Main Character
Sam Cooper
Name Samuel Cooper
Gender Male
Family Unnamed mother
Unnamed aunt
Job BAU Team Leader
Rank SSA
Status Alive
Portrayed By Forest Whitaker
First Appearance The Fight (Criminal Minds)

Sam Cooper is the leader of the BAU team in Suspect Behavior.


Much of Sam's past is currently unknown, though he is rumored to have performed some kind of psychological operations overseas between leaving the BAU and rejoining it. He is an old friend of Aaron Hotchner and David Rossi and is very close to fellow team member Mick Rawson, whom he handpicked for his team 10 months prior to The Fight. Their exact relationship, nor their past, is not elaborated on, though Mick says he'd trust Sam with his life and would die for him. He is also a skilled practitioner of Kali, a form of martial arts originating in The Phillipines. Cooper is also a Catholic Priest, as seen in the episodes Devotion, in which he gives Tami's corpse the Last Rites, and Jane where he presides over 'Jane Doe's funeral. In One Shot Kill, he tells Beth that he had been in a Seminary.

When interrogating Trevor Norris, Sam revealed his biological mother gave him up, and that he likes to believe it was because she thought that by doing so she was giving him a chance at a better life.

On the JobEdit

Cooper is a very dedicated agent. In The Fight, the backdoor pilot for Suspect Behavior, when John Vincent Bell began another cycle of killings, Cooper defied orders from Erin Strauss not to investigate the case. Enlisting Aaron Hotchner and his BAU team to aid his team, they were able to solve the case. At the end of the episode, Cooper received a call from Strauss, telling him that she had a pile of cases for him.


  • Used to own a 1969 Camaro (Jane). Currently drives a motorbike (Lonely Heart).
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