Name Rawlins (first name unrevealed)
Gender Male
Occupation Prison Guard
Pathology Budding Serial Killer
Modus Operandi Proxy murder by shooting
No. of Victims 1-2 killed
1 attempted
4 abducted
4-5 killed by proxy
Status At large
Portrayed By Nick Chinlund
First Appearance "Death by a Thousand Cuts"

Rawlins (first name unrevealed) is an abductor, stalker, and serial killer who, along with his accomplice Richard Stahl, appeared in the Suspect Behavior finale, "Death by a Thousand Cuts".

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Modus Operandi Edit

Rawlins would have Stahl abduct someone, who the two possibly stalked beforehand, at gunpoint and take them to his home, leaving a .357 Magnum Smith & Wesson Model 13 revolver (the handle of which was wrapped in fingerprint deterring tape) at the scene of the crime. A call and a video of the abductee being threatened would then be sent to the victim's loved one, who would be ordered to use the revolver to kill a random person in a specific, high traffic area before a randomly chosen deadline, or else the hostage would die. Once the murder was committed, the shooter would have to leave the revolver behind and send a photo as proof that the deed was done before the hostage would be released, safe and sound. When he killed personally, he would use a gun as well.

Notes Edit

  • Because Suspect Behavior was not renewed for a second season, it is unlikely that Rawlin's case will ever be concluded, unless the story is concluded, or at least mentioned, on Criminal Minds.

Known Victims Edit


  • The abducted victims:
    • Two unnamed victims
    • Max Dixon
    • Carolyn Malek (was pregnant)
    • Beth Griffith (was also presumably killed)
  • Martinez (first name unrevealed; shot repeatedly)
  • Jonathan Simms (attempted, but survived; was shot in the shoulder and rifle-butted unconscious)


  • Sarah Markle
  • Derek Williams
  • Peter Warsaw
  • Martin Malek (indirectly; committed suicide when he was unable to kill a victim)
  • Richard Stahl (presumably)