An Omnivore is a category of serial killers that describes a serial killer that has no specific pattern in victimology, or at least a pattern that is extremely difficult to discern. Omnivores are also stated to be willing to target anyone. It should be noted that spree killers and mass murderers are practically omnivores themselves, as they usually have no specific victimology, but the Omnivore category is apparently exclusive to only serial killers.

On Suspect BehaviorEdit

  • Margaret McKenna ("See No Evil") - Margaret had one victimology pattern: she targeted people connected to her former workplace, the Hope Memorial Hospital. Otherwise, the victims would vary in several different prospects.
  • Jason Wheeler ("One Shot Kill") - Jason would station himself in a high building, examine the surrounding scenery via sniper-rifle scope, and snipe a randomly-chosen pedestrian 300-400 yards away. It should be noted that Jason later devolves into a spree killer, making his placement in the Omnivore category debatable.
  • Rawlins ("Death by a Thousand Cuts") - Rawlins would order a relative of a victim he and his accomplice abducted to randomly choose a pedestrian in a specific, high-traffic area and shoot him/her with a Mark 13 .357 Magnum before leaving the firearm behind, otherwise the hostage will die.

Real WorldEdit

  • David Berkowitz
  • Herbert Mullin
  • Richard Chase
  • Richard Ramirez