A paraphilia, necrophilia (also known as "thanatophilia" and "necrolagnia") is a sexual attraction to the dead.


Motivations for necrophilia, which is often tied to low self-esteem, include the loss of a loved one and they want to reunite with them, the desire for complete control over an unresisting partner, a socially isolated individual finding comfort with the act, cultural or religious belief (for example, the ancient Moche people apparently practiced it, believing it allowed communication with the dead), or simple lust. The act of having sex with a corpse is often a misdemeanor or felony.

Types of NecrophiliaEdit

The ten types of necrophilia are as follows:

  • Role players
  • Romantic necrophiles
  • People having a necrophilic fantasy ("necrophilic fantasizers")
  • Tactile necrophiles
  • People having a sexual fetish for the dead ("fetishistic necrophiles")
  • People having a necromutilomania ("necromutilomaniacs")
  • Opportunistic necrophiles
  • Regular necrophiles
  • Homicidal necrophiles
  • Exclusive necrophiles

Suspect BehaviorEdit

  • Michael Vinoda ("Devotion") - During his murder spree, Michael brought along the corpse of his sister Tami and interacted with it, putting molten candle wax on it to cover up the decomposition, as well as putting perfume to block out the corpse's stench.
  • Matthew Keane ("Nighthawk") - Presumed to have committed necrophilia with the severed head of one of his victims, according to his father.

Real WorldEdit

  • Jeffrey Dahmer
  • Ed Gein
  • Carl Tanzler
  • Ted Bundy