Main Character
Mick Rawson
Name Mick Rawson
Gender Male
Family Unnamed parents (deceased)
Jenna Rawson (sister)
Job Criminalist
Rank SSA
Status Alive
Portrayed By Matt Ryan
First Appearance The Fight (Criminal Minds)
Mick Rawson is an FBI agent of the BAU in Suspect Behavior.


As with most members of the Suspect Behavior team, much of Mick's past is currently unknown, besides the fact that he is from Wales and a skilled sniper. It was revealed in Smother that he has a sister, Jenna, and their parents both died when they were young. In The Fight, Emily Prentiss suggested that he may be a former member of the British Special Forces. Mick is a close friend of team leader Sam Cooper. He doesn't elaborate on how they met, but simply says that they "bumped into each other" a few times in the past. He also said that he would trust Sam with his life and, if it should ever come to that, die for him.

The FightEdit

During the investigation of the murders committed by John Vincent Bell, Mick was paired up with Prentiss, whom he sometimes playfully flirted with. Together, they figured out what he did to his victims and, at one point, patrolled a street together looking for Bell picking up more such with Mick providing sniper support. When both BAU teams and SWAT raided the building Bell used to hold his victims captive, they eventually cornered him on a rooftop. He initially pretended to commit suicide by falling from an edge. When Prentiss looked down for him, however, he turned out to have landed on a secure surface. Raising his gun, he was then shot by Mick using an SVD sniper rifle.

One Shot KillEdit

Mick plays a cat and mouse game with sniper Jason, Mick claims that Jason is a good sniper, but he is better.