Marcus Graham
Name Marcus Lee Graham
Gender Male
Pathology Serial Killer
Signature Watching his victims die after stabbing them
Modus Operandi Stabbing (originally)
Proxy murder by stabbing (later)
No. of Victims 3 killed
1 attempted
4 killed by proxy
1 attempted by proxy
Status Incarcerated
Portrayed By Jay Paulson
First Appearance "Lonely Heart"

Marcus Lee Graham is a now incarcerated serial killer who appeared in "Lonely Heart".

History Edit

Graham's background is not specified, although it is possible that he was a sadistic and manipulative person his entire life. At some point in his life, he began killing younger, teenage girls, eventually murdering three. Sometime after killing his third victim, he approached a girl named Jill and began hanging out with her. At first, Jill enjoyed the relationship, but eventually noticed his sadistic personality when he tried to get her to bring a friend so he could torture her and tried to call off the affair, only to be stabbed by him. Surviving, Jill was sheltered by her mother. Meanwhile, he was arrested when a mailman saw blood on his driveway and the police found the bodies of his three victims buried behind his cabin. Sometime prior to Lonely Heart, he met Rachel Lancroft at an online dating website and manipulated her into killing single businessmen as a means of satisfying his psychopathic tendencies. When the Red Cell team interrogated him after discovering how similar Rachel's crimes were to his, he brought in Rachel as his lawyer. Later, the Red Cell team discerned Rachel as the serial killer and Simms and LaSalle managed to track her down to Jill's home, where she was about to kill her. Rachel committed suicide by cop, and Graham was uninformed of her death.

Modus Operandi Edit

Graham would approach his victims and presumably use a ruse, and when they fell for it, he would stab them in places where they would bleed out very slowly, making their deaths long and very painful. He would then sit by their sides and watch them die. While the first three victims were buried behind Marcus' cabin, Jill, who survived by pretending to be dead, was left at the scene; it is possible that her surviving is what made him dispose of his victims' bodies the former way.

Known Victims Edit

  • Unspecified dates: Three unnamed girls
  • Unspecified date in 2008: Jill (attempted)

Known Victims by ProxyEdit

Killed on his instructions by Rachel Lancroft

  • 2011:
    • February 10: Unnamed man (stabbed once in the heart)
    • February 14: Unnamed man (stabbed once in the neck)
    • February 18: Rich (stabbed repeatedly in the torso; Rachel cleaned his body afterwards)
    • February 22: Jason (stabbed repeatedly; killed in a nightclub)
    • February 23: Jill (attempted)