This list covers all minor criminals mentioned in Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior.

The FightEdit

Child KillersEdit

A case Hotch and Cooper worked on in an unspecified location. Five children were found murdered, and with the BAU's help the local authorities were able to arrest a suspect, who confessed to all the murders. Regardless of the killer's confession, Hotch and Cooper felt that he did not kill all the children, due to the victim types being too varied. Despite the agents' doubts, the police and FBI considered the case closed, and the two were sent back to Quantico. Hotch and Cooper's belief that there was a second unsub was ultimately proven correct, when the other killer was captured shortly after dumping the body of a young boy named Holby Holme.

Season One Edit


Kurt TrillingEdit

A native of Tulsa, Oklahoma, Trilling was arrested for four counts of child rape a year prior to Nighthawk. He was released due to a lack of evidence, but the accusations ruined his life and he was hung out in the media. One night, the 28-year-old brother of one of his alleged victims gathered some people and the group assaulted with blunt weapons. Two weeks prior to Nighthawk, he was in a car accident that left him in critical condition and unable to walk again.

The Time Is Now Edit

Unnamed serial rapist Edit

A case Gina worked in Milwaukee shortly before the episode. According to her, the offender was very sadistic, though no other details are given.

Veronica Day copycats Edit

Two separate cases of teenage boys killing their parents based on Veronica Day's murders. They also copied her signature, writing "The Time Is Now" in the victims' blood.

Jennifer Conroy's killerEdit

An unidentified dark-haired male who shot and killed Jennifer Conroy, the biological mother of Veronica Day, for unknown reasons. Veronica, who had found her mother and intended to connect with her, began committing her series of proxy murders as a result. She was ultimately found guilty of Conroy's murder, in no small part because the prosecutor left out a witness statement that a man fled from the scene from the trial evidence in order to build a solid case. In the end of The Time Is Now, Cooper promised Veronica to have the case of her mother's murder reopened.