Main Character
Jonathan Simms
Name Jonathan "Prophet" Simms
Gender Male
Job FBI Agent
Rank Supervisory Special Agent
Status Alive
Portrayed By Michael Kelly
First Appearance The Fight

"Told you, man. If I ever got my shot at redemption that I was gonna take my game to the other side."

Jonathan "Prophet" Simms is a Supervisory Special Agent of Cooper's Red Cell team.


Simms is a former convict who has spent six years, three months and four days in the San Quentin prison in California for killing a child molester. It is unspecified whether he had/has served time in other prisons as well. It was in prison that he got his nickname, "Prophet". Not much else has been revealed about him.

On the JobEdit

In The Fight, Simms was paired up with Rossi during the investigation of a series of murders. Having figured out that the UnSub had been to prison, they went to San Quentin to talk to Nelson G., an old friend of Simms "from back in the dark days", and gave him the profile. It was from Nelson that both teams later got the name of the UnSub.

In Two of a Kind, it was shown that Simms has a remarkable dislike for child molesters to the point that FBI Director Jack Fickler became concerned that the UnSub of the case at hand wouldn't survive an encounter with him. In the end of the episode, Fickler promoted Simms to a full Supervisory Special Agent.

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