Suspect Behavior
Season 1, Episode 5
Air date March 16, 2011
Written by Chris Mundy
Ian Goldberg
Directed by Andrew Bernstein
Episode Guide
"One Shot Kill"
"Here is the Fire" is the fifth episode of Season One of Suspect Behavior.

Summary Edit

After an explosion from a pipe bomb tears through a small town school, Cooper and the Red Cell team must hunt down the bomber before another bombing occurs.

Guest Cast Edit

  • Jack Axelrod - Janitor
  • Sam Ayers - Detective Emerson Sykes
  • Gary Basaraba - William Meeks
  • Michelle N. Carter - ER Nurse
  • Lenora May - Rose Heyward
  • Rico McClinton - Cop
  • Ron Perkins - Reverend Sands
  • John Posey - Principal George Spurell
  • Aaron Refvem - Paul Meeks
  • Richard Schiff - FBI Director Jack Fickler
  • Chris Sheffield - Shawn Meeks
  • Carr Thompson - David Henry
  • David Trice - Jim

Referenced Criminals Edit

Music Edit

  • "Natus cadit, atque Deus", No. 8 by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

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