Minor Character
Erin Strauss
Name Erin Strauss
Gender Female
Family Unnamed husband
Unnamed son
Two unnamed daughters
Occupation BAU Section Chief
Status Deceased
Portrayed By Jayne Atkinson
First Appearance "The Fight"

Erin Strauss was the BAU Section Chief, the direct superior to Sam Cooper. Her job lied in administration, and she had no actual field experience. She appeared in Criminal Minds as a recurring character until the show's eighth season, where she is murdered by the Replicator.

In Suspect Behavior Edit

Strauss is revealed to be forbidding the Red Cell team from investigating the San Francisco case, but Cooper, in his determination, breaks Strauss's decree and he and his team assist Aaron Hotchner's BAU team in the case. She eventually finds out about what Cooper did and calls Hotch, whose phone is later given to Cooper. She scolds him for disobeying her rules, but Cooper tells her that he has work to do before hanging up. When the case is closed and the unsub is shot by Rawson, she calls Cooper again and orders him and Hotch to come back to Quantico, stating that she has a pile of cases for him. Cooper tells Hotch that Strauss will be buying them a steak dinner when they return.

It is unknown how the Red Cell team reacted after Strauss was murdered by a serial killer.